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People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
  • Welcome to Bushido for Giving, a community interest company that aims to change the way people give / lend and receive. We associate with and are inspired by the code of conduct and the way of life of the Samurai, the warrior class of premodern Japan, who manage their life by loyalty, honour, courage, ethics, and skill.
  • We believe that giving is not only a duty, but also a joy and a privilege. We believe that giving can benefit not only the recipients, but also amplification for the donors, by enhancing their well-being, happiness, and sense of purpose. We believe that giving can create positive social and environmental impact, by addressing the most pressing challenges and opportunities in our world.
  • We operate with integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our activities. We respect the diversity, dignity, and rights of all people, and treat them with honour and courtesy. We strive for excellence, quality, and efficiency in our work, and take pride in our achievements and contributions.
  • We invite you to join us in our journey of Bushido Social Impact for your Giving. Together, we can make a transparent and effective difference in the world with the spirit of the Samurai.
  • It draws inspiration from a historical and cultural source that is not commonly associated with social enterprise or community interest.
  • It challenges the conventional wisdom and paradigms of doing good works and seeks to create a new model that is more rewarding, meaningful, transparent, and sustainable.
   Bushido is a Japanese definition of how a business can work for the power of good incorporating a moral code of honour and an ethical bedrock. The principle is for the common good of society. It is loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry.  
Our Mission
Bushido Impact Community Interest Company is an IMPACT fund.
Be transparent, be clear what the outcomes are and create proof. Adhere to not-for-profit principles.
Our Core Values
The guiding principal objectives are:
  • Provide a way for the public to invest.
  • Create impactful outcomes for specific charitable purposes or for the general community good.
  • Showcase benefits to investors including returns sponsored by Bushido Strategy.
Key Features
  • 50.000 shares available at £100 per share.
  • Initial 2500 shares available under SEIS, subject to qualifications.
  • Minimum initial investment £1000 then £500 increments per additional share.
  • Funds deployed in accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • All investments are at risk.
  • There cannot be a pre agreed or guaranteed exit as HMRC rules prohibit it as investors secure tax benefit following investment.
  • No fees charged to investors.
  • UK Tax payers can claim 50% SEIS on the first £250.000 and 30% EIS tax relief on any balance., subject to qualifications.
  • See the application form for more specific details.
  • Investors will need to accept the funds are not repayable for 1, 3, or 5 years depending on the bond.
The Social Intent of the Company
  • The IMPACT funding methodology creates an alternative to donating to charity but creates a charitable benefit.
  • The company was created to take advantage of financial benefits supported by HMRC tax rebates only available in this context provided Bushido Social Impact CIC works with Auxilium CIC in partnership
  • The company can only invest in ways to generate benefit to society and cannot withdraw profits.
Value Proposition
Please support our cause
"giving has a positive effect on well being"
An investor loans
funds that are used
to create charitable
acts generally or
specifically that
inspires the lender.
An investor seeks
to gain from the
generous support
on tax advantages
published by
Bushido Term
Bushido is the term for the moral code of the Samurai, the warrior class of premodern Japan. It means "the way of the warrior" and it emphasizes martial spirit, loyalty, honour, and ethics.
Bushido has different types and tenets that evolved over time and were influenced by various schools of thought, such as Zen Buddhism and Confucianism. Some of the common values of bushido are Frugality: living simply and avoiding waste and extravagance. Righteousness: acting according to moral principles and justice. Courage: facing danger and adversity with bravery and determination. Benevolence: showing kindness and compassion to others, especially those in need. Respect: treating others with courtesy and dignity, especially elders and superiors.
The company addresses a community that believes investing in society is worthwhile. We set out to
facilitate that community.

We use methodology created and validated by the Government to financially reward investors to
compensate for their risk.
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I run a successful training company and have global reach with significant influencers. Currently my tech team are building a ‘super app’ and Bushido is at the heart of the philanthropy section. The principle aligns with our culture and the returns are working a new level of passive income to support mitigation of poverty.

Sesh Sukhdeo -